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$54 billion improvement & expansion plans for Alfa Romeo, Jeep & Maserati - Ferrari files for IPO
Business | 7 Days 10 Hours
Fiat Chrysler which spun out Ferrari as a separate company, files for an IPO, divesting 10 percent o...
First evidence of Extraterrestrial in Antarctica
Science | 8 Days 2 Hours
Physicists have found the first evidence of cosmic rays from outside the solar system in Antarctica....
Earth's core age revealed - Estimated at 1.5 billion to 1 billion years old
Science | 9 Days 10 Hours
The inner core of our planet is over 6,300 kilometers (roughly 4,000 miles) away from us. Seismologi...
Altered genes passed to generations - Environmental factors and traumatic events in a lifetime alter DNA
Health | 9 Days 11 Hours
Lifestyle choices or stressful events during a person’s life might not just impact an individual a...
3 billion years ago water existed on Mars, Curiosity rover confirms
Science | 9 Days 11 Hours
New research suggests that lakes may have once been present – specifically at the Gale Crater, the...
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